The Pixel Painter

August 19, 2013

Hal Lasko, a one-time graphic artist, is ninety-eight. He started painting with Microsoft Paint a couple of years ago, despite the fact that he has macular degeneration and his central vision is gone. He’s so inspired by this new avenue into his artistic vision that he sometimes gets out of bed at night to work on a new piece.

He has real passion and is surrounded by love and affirmation. I think it’s the combination of these things that makes what he does possible. If you watch this inspiring video, let me know what you think.

And here is Hal Lasko’s web site, which I forgot to add to an earlier version of this post.

13 Responses to “The Pixel Painter”

  1. Sondra Says:

    Love hearing about this talented artist. His attitude is inspiring.
    Thanks for posting this Andrea!


  2. Paula Says:

    What an inspiring video! I wish I could “paint” like that WITHOUT macular degeneration! Being creative and engaged is the key to truly living life. Thanks so much for finding this and sharing it.


  3. Amazing person. Very touching documentary. Thank you for making this!


  4. Pene Fedro Says:

    Liked the Lasko video a lot. Liked his art too. I couldn’t begin to make art with a computer, or a paint brush. Appreciate people who do.


  5. Veronica A. Says:

    What a talented and lovely soul he is. An inspiration for sure!


  6. Cheryl Says:

    Andrea, I agree. Passion, love, and support are the winning combination. I especially like Hal’s tree paintings.


  7. Katharine Says:

    Goes to show … an artist is an artist life long. Also, it made me think “I should remember to be happy” (or even just remember to smile, which makes me happy.) Mr. Lasko has a capacity for happiness, for engagement. Maybe the same way I stand up straight when I catch myself slumping, I can remember to smile. Thanks!


  8. John Says:

    Just incredible!


  9. Elizabeth Says:

    Oh, I loved it. Every bit of it. There was such integrity in his face — what he said, the energy in his eyes despite their defects — and yes, the love and support that surround him is evident and must play a part in all of it. Thank you for posting it — I am going to share with my own parents and sisters.

    You know — I also thought about how technology gave Lasko his art — so many people love to ‘dis technology, cry loudly against it, but what they forget or are ignorant of is how it creates community for certain people — community and beyond.


  10. I simply loved watching this. Hal Lasko is an extraordinary spirit, and the impact of his life force on the future came through especially strongly in the way his son talked about him right at the end. But this moved me for another reason. The computer and technology have been the most amazing vectors for people with severe handicaps to stay deeply engaged. I just lost my third friend whose extraordinary spirit could continue to soar after extreme misfortune in large part because of technological assistance. (You can read about Brook Hopkins in a recent New York Times Magazine cover story — ) He passed away a couple of weeks ago and is remembered in the cover story of the Salt Lake Tribune’s most recent Sunday edition — ) I had another friend with MS and a beloved cousin with ALS who also continued their inspired lives because of technology.
    There is so much that is frightening in the contemporary world — I turned on the TV tonight with images of the fires in Idaho and Utah and California, and the chaos in Egypt, and it seems like the apocalypse. It’s important to realize that we also live in an age of extraordinary illumination. When there are people like Hal Lasko and Brooke Hopkins who can continue to contribute because of the modern era, I have hope.


  11. alancahn Says:

    I like his art, I like him and I like how much his family loves him and how much he loves life. Thanks for making Hal available to us


  12. Dawn Says:

    LOVED this video of Hal and his paintings. We plan to buy one of his prints soon, as well as send him a message to tell him what an inspiration he is. My children enjoyed seeing this short documentary as well, and admired his work. Thank you SO much for sharing this with your readers. I love your blog, and your stories about Alice. Thank you!


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