Speaking of Animals…

September 18, 2013

Alice has been having a tough week – battles between her wig and her new hearing aids (one of the hearing aids broke, in fact), the perils of dining with Nadine, the death of her sister-in-law back in North Dakota, my sweet Aunt Roberta, who died last week at ninety-seven, and soon the end of Web TV, which is how she sends and receives e-mail to friends and family. Loss, changes, and difficulties.

More to come on bits of all that. Some of it I can help with, some of it I can’t.

While temporarily escaping all of the above, I came across these sculptures by Fidelma Massey and they brought me a sense of peacefulness and connection to the animal world.

Shrine to the Mother of All Birds

Shrine to the Mother of All Birds

Queen of Beasts

Queen of Beasts



Water Mother

Water Mother

Isn’t she fine?

I hope Fidelma Massey’s work makes a difference in your day, too.

If you visit her web site, you can see each one from different angles, as well as view more examples of her work. She was born in 1956 and lives in Ireland.

Aunt Roberta in about 1997. She and I were having dinner at Applebee's in Bismarck.

Aunt Roberta in about 1997. She and I were having dinner at Applebee’s in Bismarck when I took this photograph.

12 Responses to “Speaking of Animals…”

  1. Longevity seems to be inherent in your family, in-laws and all Andrea! I do hope Alice overcomes her difficulties and enjoys life again very soon X


  2. That water mother speaks to me today. Thank you for posting, and I hope that Alice’s problems resolve.


  3. rose o'brien Says:

    Love the sculptures!


  4. It is so hard to say good bye to the elders. We lost an Aunt this month at 90, we will celebrate the last of our Aunties 90th birthday next month. I love the bird mother statue, it is so, obliging is the first word that came to mind, not sure why. Hope all goes well with Alice in the coming months. Your story of her life is so very sweet and forward looking.


  5. Katharine Says:

    Boy oh boy, did anyone else click on the “end of Web TV” link? I did, thinking ‘WHAT? Did I miss a post?!?”, and instead of a bit of Andrea whimsy or musing or art or anything at all lovely, found a number of complicated instructions from MSN … most daunting for a user of any age. Sad to think of Alice cut off from her email, losing yet another bridge to her friends and family (along with hearing, sight, driving, neighborhood, and so forth.)


  6. Oh dear, oh dear. All of it very difficult in different ways. Giant sigh.


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