October 7, 2013

We seem to be having a spell of scads of medical visits (Alice’s and mine), Comcast troubles involving many  800 # calls and much time on hold listening to terrible music (me on behalf of Alice’s new wireless service and so-called phone service), a root canal (mine), unwell doggie (mine) who is, happily, crazy in love with her new puppy neighbor, eye troubles (Alice’s), hearing aid/wig problems (Alice’s), houseboat winterizing (mine), messed up catalog orders (Alice’s) requiring even more time on hold, and a whole lot of other things burning up way too much time for not such fun results.

Alice will return to these web pages soon.

In the meantime, here’s a quite funny BBC parody of Downton Abbey for those of us who are addicted. This will either make you more impatient for the new season or ridiculously glad that it’s still a bit of a way off.

Part One:

Part Two:

12 Responses to “Oy!”

  1. John Says:

    Comcast does have the worst hold music ….

    Hope you both recover, relax and return to life as normal soon!


  2. janeleft Says:

    Oh, that made me long for Season 4 is it??


    • I think it just might be Season 4 coming up. Is O’Brien on her way out? And poor Mary – how can she possibly go on? And on? Will socialist Tom end up inheriting the whole damn shebang? These and so many more questions must be answered.


  3. Rebecca Raney Says:

    Dear Andrea and Alice,
    I have MISSED you more than you can imagine. Will be waiting not very patiently for your return!!


    • My dear Rebecca – please pop up here any time. The plants on your houseboat are looking quite glorious – thriving and hearty. Every time I walk down there, which is often, I think of you. xoxo


  4. Rebecca Raney Says:

    Oops. And, goodness, putting my selfish pleasure — of looking forward to each and every beautifully scribed “Ask Alice” episode — aside, I so much want to heartily wish you both the best and speediest in resolving all those pesky issues!!


  5. teufelj Says:

    Hills and valleys Andrea. It would appear that you are in one of those valleys. I’m sending healing thoughts to Brio, Alice, and you.


  6. Hope things get back to normal (what is normal?) for you soon Andrea. Thanks for the clips. I love Jennifer Saunders and Victoria Wood and the comic relief spoofs are legendary. (One of my all-time favourites is the Lord of the Rings with Jennifer Saunders and Dawn French.) Incidentally, we are about 40 minutes from Highclere Castle where Downton is filmed :-)


  7. Carol Bergh Says:

    May the health of all of you be restored fully and soon!
    The only good thing I can think of as far as winter coming is the return of Downton Abbey!


  8. Sandra Y. Espinoza Says:

    I’m responding late…but your post rings LOUD and true for me…though not medical (thank goodness)…but sometimes I just feel like screaming to have to do one more thing…and lots of hold on behalf of my neighbor whose “business” I take care of, among other things. Take care. Take your time. Regards to you and Alice.


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