Zombie Soup

October 31, 2013

Alice called early this afternoon to report on the Hallowe’en lunch menu at The Place.

Zombie soup (beef and vegetable)

Casket Loaf (meat loaf)

Monster Mash (mashed potatoes)

Witches’ Fingers (green beans)

She called just now, at 7 p.m., to report on dinner:

Dracula Alfredo Over Worms (chicken and noodles – specific kind of noodles unknown; “wormy”)

Werewolf Mix (carrots and peas)

She told me that enormous pumpkins have now been brought in to keep the farmer company on the counter next to her. Once again her view of the elevator is blocked, which means she cannot observe Mr. Fickle embarking and disembarking. I recognize a call to action when I hear one. Soon, as surreptitiously as possible, I will be rolling large pumpkins around the dining room counters and out of her line of vision.

Also, after describing a woman she doesn’t like who had dressed up for today’s meals as an angel (“Whoever heard of anyone being an angel on Hallowe’en; it’s just the opposite!”), she relayed a concern about her own daily costume: “What if I can’t get this wig on when I get old?”

And your Hallowe’en? Going well, I hope. Did the goblins serve you something tasty? Do you have a sugar buzz?

21 Responses to “Zombie Soup”

  1. Carol Bergh Says:

    Ya gotta love the humor! I think Alice may never get old.


  2. Thalia Says:

    Found myself in NYC for Halloween, and the streets are just alive with costumed revelers of every age. There was a big parade up 6th Avenue and thousands of people are out on this balmy evening. On W 22nd street, neighbors stand in front of their brownstone/apartment buildings, offering candy to kids coming down the street. One little girl in a superhero costume advises her friend “it’s okay to take candy from strangers on Halloween, if you’re with your parents.” A lovely sense of community in the Big City tonight!


  3. Halloween increasingly bewilders me.


  4. Sondra daly Says:

    Ah, back to the wig! Bless you, patience.


  5. Holly Says:

    My mom’s friend (another Alice) is likewise wig obsessed. We commiserated today (I, vicariously, on your behalf) about the travails of those who find themselves involuntarily enrolled as Friends of Wigs.


  6. Pene Fedro Says:

    You should have been in Bozeman yesterday, late afternoon. All the merchants on Main Street give out candy to kids in costume. Many adults get into the spirit of dress up , so it was quite the scene.


  7. kvwordsmith Says:

    May you and Alice never notice if indeed you get old – hope the aches & pains will stay at bay and your attitudes will always be young at heart (even if arthritic knees, like mine, disagree!)


    • Sorry about the knees, Kerry! These gradual changes in the body are not understood by those still in fine fiddle, an expression that shows my age, or at least showed my grandmother’s age back when I first heard heard her say it, and I laughed – fine fiddle, whatever could that mean? Now I know.


  8. Cheryl Says:

    Well, I guess the employees at the Place need something to do to entertain themselves from time to time, and making up holiday inspired names for meat loaf fits the bill. Mostly I love that she calls you to report on such. Each of you has a stellar sense of humor and wit, and together you are unmatched!


  9. dehelen Says:

    My own mom’s favorite Halloween costume ever was when she dressed as an angel at her apartment building’s party. I’m glad you’re going to move those pumpkins! And btw, my grandma always used to say “I think I’ll get a little older before I try that” when she didn’t want to do or eat something.


  10. Cannon Beach shops all hand out Halloween candy, so yesterday afternoon Hemlock St. was hopping with tigers, witches, princesses, a fine home-made astronaut in duct-tape space helmet — and a seven-foot wizard with white hair and a pet gorilla.
    I think “fine fiddle” comes from “in fine fettle,” fettle is an old word for “order,” or as a verb, “to make ready,” which Hopkins uses in ‘Felix Randal’:
    When thou at the random grim forge, powerful amidst peers,
    Didst fettle for the great grey drayhorse his bright and battering sandal.


    • Aha! Well, I guess I didn’t know after all, and this sent me off looking for the rest of “Felix Randal,” which interested parties can find here. Thanks, Ursula!

      Halloween in Cannon Beach sounds lively. No duct-tape spacemen roamed the streets last week when I was there. No wizards, either, but then he probably showed up in your honor. (I can’t explain the gorilla.)


  11. Gin B Ga Says:

    As always, you and Alice leave me smiling and grateful for your blog, your care for you mother, and for sharing with such great humor and good will. I do hope the wig fits when she gets old. Such a little worrywart that Alice! lol

    Our own Halloween consisted of two pieces of candy from the pharmacy. I ate them both and had to buy a candy bar for my husband, even though he did not know I had them. He was so thrilled after his nap! We waited for photos of the grandchildren and were thrilled when 10 arrived by email. :)


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