Lights, Penguins, Alice!

December 24, 2013

Christmas lightsLights

Penguins with Christmas lightsPenguins on icy fridge top (with glacier).

Alice admiring Christmas Penguins3Alice!

Good tidings to all from Alice and me. Have a great holiday, everyone!

12 Responses to “Lights, Penguins, Alice!”

  1. Bonnie Babcock Says:

    Merry Christmas, Alice and Andrea!


  2. Bonnie Belatti Says:

    Merry Christmas from your old stomping grounds! It’s a frozen tundra with a beautiful snow today – not a blizzard. We do love South Dakota. The Midwestern Life.

    Lovingly, Bonnie


  3. kvwordsmith Says:

    Best of the season to you both!


  4. Cheryl Says:

    With glacier. I love that. And you. Both. Best wishes for a lovely day tomorrow and the next and the next…


  5. Jerene Merritt Says:

    What a fun penguin fest! I hope that you, Andrea, and you, Alice, experience some miraculous Christmas moments tomorrow. And if you are reading this, I wish the same for you…

    Much love, Jerene


  6. Elizabeth Says:

    Merry Christmas to you and Alice. I love you both!


  7. Oh, lovely! Merry Christmas to you and Alice.


  8. Priscilla Sapienza Says:

    Christmas blessings.


  9. Sandra Y. Espinoza Says:

    I hope you and Alice had a wonderful Christmas…peaceful and loving… Loved the lights, penguins, Alice! (with glacier)…


  10. Vanessa Whitacre Says:

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and Alice


  11. Carol Bergh Says:

    I’m not too late for Happy New Year!
    Love Carol


  12. Thanks, everybody. We are gliding along on Christmas good cheer. May it carry us all into a peaceful new year.


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