The Aunties Project

January 21, 2014

Aleah Chapin, a young artist in her twenties, has embarked on a painting project that focuses on a group of women who have been her mother’s friends for the past thirty to forty years. These women she calls “The Aunties” agreed to pose nude for the portraits, and the results are, in my opinion,  beautiful and touching.Chapin_Aleah_Laugh.crop_


Chapin_Aleah_AndWeWereBirdsYou can see a few more paintings and read an interview with Chapin on The Senior Planet’s web site, or go straight to the paintings as they are shown in a gallery.

The opening was at the Flowers Gallery in NYC a year ago. You can read more about that here.

For those with a preference for the older female body fully clothed and wildly bejeweled, you might like this trailer for an upcoming documentary on women of a certain age creating their own style. I wrote about this film on the blog way back when. The completed documentary was supposed to be out last year, but I haven’t seen any notices about it anywhere. Have you?

Two ways to look at growing older. I enjoyed both.

A new Alice post will be popping up soon. Thank you for staying tuned.

And thank you, Ronni Bennet, at Time Goes By for news about The Aunties Project.

8 Responses to “The Aunties Project”

  1. Kim Patton Says:

    Oh these paintings! So tender and sweet, yet fierce and wild. Love, love, love.


  2. Vanessa Whitacre Says:

    This was wonderful Andrea and I loved the clip from the documentary. Thank you


  3. Lisa Yarrow Says:

    Hi Andrea, I’ve been subscribing to your blog for some time and always enjoy reading about your adventures with Alice. I was wonderfully surprised today to see your entry about Aleah. Before moving to Portland, I lived on Whidbey Island for 8 years, which is where Aleah hails from. I know her family and the aunties. Aleah has such tremendous talent as a painter. I thank you for spreading the word about her work!


  4. Cheryl Says:

    Mystical, etherial, corporal – words used in the gallery overview. All accurate to the quality of these beings and paintings. I found it especially mezmerizing as I am reading Doris Lessing’s “The Cleft” right now. Thank you, Andrea, for not only the Alice Stories but for the bonus gifts you supply on your blog that connect us with other artists and with humanity in such intimate, humorous, and touching ways.


  5. Wonderful paintings and I loved the fashion video! You brightened my day Andrea. :-)


  6. Elizabeth Says:

    Fantastic —


  7. Bill Sharp Says:

    Beautiful! Thanks for sharing this.


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