Olga Kitelko

January 27, 2014

At 94, Canadian Olga Kitelko holds twenty-seven world records for track and field in the 90-95 year old category. She started running at the age of 77.

I watched this video and was impressed by Olga’s straightforward way of talking about herself. She’s without pretense, a realist, and an athlete with boldness and vision.

A new book about Olga has just come out, What Makes Olga Run? Her publisher said he’d send me a review copy. If he comes through, I’ll let you know what I think.


Okay, now I’m going for a walk. A fast one.

5 Responses to “Olga Kitelko”

  1. Bill Sharp Says:

    What a coincidence. I plan to start running at age 77 as well.


  2. Carol Bergh Says:

    How inspiring! Thanks Andrea.


  3. Justin Ting Says:

    Not quite as old as Olga, but Oregonians may remember Clive Davies, who did his best running in his sixties (he started at age 57) and set forty-six U.S. and world age group records:



  4. Elizabeth Says:

    If that wasn’t a kick to my proverbial pants, then nothing would be! I am determined to start being more active — thank you, Andrea!


  5. I love what Bill said! Running has never been my thing, but this does add inspiration to keep on keeping on with the yoga and walking. Thanks for bringing these treasures to us, Andrea.


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