Goodbye, January

February 4, 2014

Happy to say good-bye to the worst month of the year for Alice and me, and probably for a lot of people. Over at last. We survived with way more than a little help from our friends.

For example:

Flowers from Anna

Flowers from Anna

Fruit from Anna

Fruit from Anna

Cupcakes from Anna

Cupcakes from Anna

Four dozen of them:Cupcakes_Cupcake Jones_2

In fact, a gift for every January day from my fairy god-daughter, Anna, many of them books, including this gem:

The Gorgeous Nothings _Emily Dickinson

And Joe Goodwin, a faraway reader of the blog, sent boxes of Ghyslain chocolates to Alice, Meg, and me.

Ghyslain chocolates_2

Alice loved just looking at the boxes. Little scenes. Pretty colors.

Alice with Ghyslain chocolates and magnifying glass

She opened one.

Alice with Ghyslain chocolates

Handcrafted chocolates! Who ever heard of such a thing? Not girls from prairie towns in North Dakota, that’s for sure. Just look at these!

Chocolates_Ghyslain_from Joseph

It took Alice a long time to pick the one she wanted, but finally –

Ghyslain chocolates_Alice's first bite

Oh boy!

Ghyslain_Alice's first bite_2

“They taste as pretty as they look,” she said.

And later she asked, “Now who sent these? And why again? A boyfriend of Meg’s?”

“Meg doesn’t have a boyfriend,” I reminded her. “Meg has me, remember?”

“Well, yes,” she said, “but…that was an awfully nice thing of somebody to do who isn’t a boyfriend.”

It really was.

How incredibly lucky we are, Alice and I. Thank you, Joe Goodwin. And thank you, Anna March. And thank you, sweet readers, who care about Alice and me and leave comments that make me laugh and think and feel glad to be connected to each of you. I wish we could have a great big cupcake party right now. Two sea lions have been cruising past the houseboats on a regular basis these days, competing with the cormorants for fish. It’s cold out on the deck, but we could go out and watch them anyway. We’ve got love to keep us warm.

24 Responses to “Goodbye, January”

  1. You and Alice and Meg and your whole network of friends make me smile and feel warm with the glow of connection. Grumpy old January doesn’t stand a chance against such odds!


  2. Kim Patton Says:

    Love this so much.
    Love the love made manifest in cupcakes, chocolate, and flowers.
    Love the friendship.
    Love the family.


  3. Heide Hendrick Says:

    I love what Teresa Jordan said! DiTTo! Love to you Andrea.


  4. Pene Fedro Says:

    I too am glad to wave goodbye to January. Wish I had one or even two of those cupcakes! Candy looks delicious too. So many things to be thankful for as winter tries to hold on.

    Must be thrilling to see sea lions swimming close.

    Happy days to you. Pene


    • The sea lions are thrilling, and the other day a neighbor told me there are now three! I hope to see them all soon. It’s been awfully chilly, though I know we can’t compare to your part of the world.


  5. Beth Says:

    I’m in with Teresa comment, too. And I love the look of those chocolates.


  6. Nancy Nusz Says:

    Sweet…just like the chocolates, the cupcakes, those who sent them, and of course, Alice and Andrea.


  7. Sweet sweet post. We do have love to keep us warm, and cupcakes, a party of which would be so delightful! I find it auspicious that you and Alice received a gift of chocolates from a far away stranger. You can almost see the fortune cookie on that one…


  8. devikhunt Says:

    A cupcake party with sea lions, Alice, Andrea and Meg. Count me in. I’m glad January has blown out and away for a while. On to February, which gives us snowdrops in the garden, and witch hazel, and hellebores to keep us going. I send them along . . . from my garden


  9. 37paddington Says:

    Alice looks wonderful! I love her comment, “They taste as pretty as they look.” Such outpourings of love are inspired of course by the lovely recipients. I am glad there was such love to keep January at bay.


  10. Jean Says:

    Another heartwarming episode on a chilly day. I so love to read your anecdotes. Thank you!


  11. Hope you enjoyed the fruit! The cupcakes look so delicious!


  12. John Says:

    I’m glad you had so many gifts and wishes to help you get through January … my season lasts a bit longer than yours … it ended yesterday (the 8th, the anniversary of my dad’s passing), so my long, hateful season is officially over …

    Have a cupcake for me…

    In fact, have two or three….


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