An Emissary from the Land of Hef

February 26, 2014

Sorry there haven’t been any posts for a while. I haven’t been feeling well. (Please don’t ask what it is because I’m afraid if I name it I’ll have to keep it.) I’m a bit better now and wanted to send out a quick bulletin regarding the recent discovery that Hugh Hefner is hiding out at The Place. If you don’t read the Comments sections of the posts, you may have missed that an actual Playboy bunny left a message.

Here’s the comment Deana left at the end of the Hugh Hefner Found post:

I came across this and I must say, it’s very clever, very inventive and very funny. Well done to all concerned. I do hope you won’t mind if I add something that’s sort of connected.

It’s now more than 40 years since I was Bunny Deana at the London Playboy Club, and I was sipping champagne with Hugh Hefner in the Playboy Mansion, and yet here we are and still he continues to get a mention in the news. Something is obviously keeping him going…
If anyone is interested, I have a collection of original (and now historic!) Playboy Club photographs online at Bunny Deana Photo Album.

I wrote to Deana and she’s charming and funny and kind. I asked her if I could post a link to her site, and she said she’d be “honored” to share a post with Alice. So here she is.

For un-Playboyish and wholesome fun, I recommend watching her in the Battersea Pancake Race in 1970. The English may not be known for their fine cooking, but they do extremely well at playing with their food.  I’m pretty sure the narrator of this short film stayed up all night writing his commentary.

New post coming soon. Meanwhile, don’t touch anything or eat anything, okay? You never know what lurks…giardia

20 Responses to “An Emissary from the Land of Hef”

  1. Kim Patton Says:

    The power of Alice! Bunny Deana seems like loads of fun.
    A visit from Hef could be a very real possibility.


    • Let’s visualize it together. He comes to the door. He’s wearing his red dressing gown and carrying his pipe. He’s read the post, “Where’s Hugh?” over and over again and knows it by heart, and it’s his greatest desire to sit and chat with Alice.
      Now all we need to do is wait.


  2. Cheryl Says:

    Of all the things I love about you and your blog, the way in which the world reaches back to you is at the top of the list! And the way in which you offer your enjoyment of the oddness that is human life on planet earth.


  3. Oh, one more thing. Making a decision that one wants a more exciting life appears to work out sometimes!


  4. teufelj Says:

    Hope you’re feeling chipper soon. Thanks for the link to Bunny Deana. I’ve responded to her invitation, and asked a few pertinent questions.


  5. Morning Waters Says:

    My ex-husband was the manager for the LA playboy club in the ’60’s. What a time that must have been!


  6. Wow. I have no words but those.


  7. Heide Hendrick Says:

    How cool is this!!! I love it <3 Ditto what Cheryl said. <3


  8. Denise Emanuel Clemen Says:

    I know–or used to know–a former bunny. I wonder if I saved the program from the performance we were in together. I can’t think of her name. I wonder if I could put you two in touch? I will work on it. Two bunnies are better than one, right?
    And meanwhile, I’m excited about bunny Deana and her photos. What fun you are making for Alice.
    And I hope you feel better very soon.!


  9. Sandra Y. Espinoza Says:

    You know, I wondered what was up…it was lovely to notice that I was attached–to the writing, to you, and to Alice. What a gift that is! I hope you continue to improve, healthwise. As for the Playboy Club, I remember when it was in downtown Manhattan…I was a mere lass…but on several occasions I would go and stand outside hoping to see “one of those Bunnies” come out or go in. I don’t know what I expected…or what I would see. The whole idea held so much mystery for me. Love to you and Alice.
    Be well,


  10. bjn Says:

    Best part: “The English may not be known for their fine cooking, but they do extremely well at playing with their food.”


    • Thanks, Barry! I nearly starved when I went to England the first time. I was too poor for anything but a sandwich and it was so…dry. Dry bread and a slice of cheese stuck in between. The breakfasts were swimming in grease at my B&B. I hardly dared look at them, let alone eat them.


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