I’ve worked as an editor and proofreader on a variety of projects: nonfiction books and articles, memoirs, documentary film narration, short stories, novels, technical documentation, grant proposals, and web content. I’m currently editing a memoir. The subject of my last project was economics. I’ve edited or co-edited texts about high altitude balloonists, lesbian debutantes, Alaskan midwives, Mexican healers, Swiss bank account robbers, dysfunctional families, and multiprocessing computer systems. I taught writing (fiction, nonfiction, and business writing) for more than twenty years.

Do you need an editor? Send me an e-mail: andrea AT andreacarlisle DOT com

Some voices on my work:

“A great editor is more than a word nerd with a dictionary and the Chicago Manual of Style. You have to know stuff. Lots of stuff. Stuff that only comes from years of reading, writing and living. But that’s not nearly enough. You also need to know how to listen, to empathize and to communicate. And have the ability to deftly separate gold from gravel–which is trickier than it might seem. Andrea Carlisle has all of this. She’s proved it again and again. Andrea does for writers what great editors do: she makes you look better and smarter than you really are.”

Craig Ryan, author of:

The Pre-Astronauts (Naval Institute Press)
Magnificent Failure (Smithsonian Books)
Come Up and Get Me, with Joe Kittinger (University of New Mexico Press, 2010)

Andrea Carlisle is one of the best editors I’ve ever worked with. She reads with a sharp eye and generous heart. She helps sculpt what’s said and uncovers what isn’t quite stated. My essays and books are stronger in every way for her fine work.

Joanne Mulcahy, Ph.D., author of:

Remedios: The Healing Life of Eva Castellanoz (Trinity University Press)
Birth and Rebirth on an Alaskan Island: The Life of an Alutiiq Healer (University of Georgia Press)

I fancy myself a pretty decent writer. Andrea Carlisle would agree. Knowing she’s on my side , combined with her gentle touch, has made it much, much easier for me to accept what a convoluted writer I can be. Her perceptiveness and skill continue to help me focus and hone my intent. Hone my intent? Andrea, help!

Ketzel Levine, Journalist, former NPR Senior Correspondent, blogger on saving the lives of street dogs in Ecuador at The Heart of Barkness.

Andrea Carlisle was the perfect editor at the perfect time in my career. I was just starting out and she was the first person who was truly honest with me about my work. It can be hard to hear (and even harder to dish) when you think your prose is ready for the New York Times Best Seller List, but the irony is that absolutely honest feedback is what writers need to actually get there. My story (now the novel, Jukebox)  was just a seedling. With her gentle (but sharp) pen, Carlisle delivered amazing feedback and editorial critique, and I’ll be forever grateful as the seed has grown into a vibrant flower that will be in bookstores in November 2010. She rocks!

Gina Daggett, author of:

Jukebox (Bella Books)

Andrea was my web editor for a very large organization’s patient portal. In addition, I had Andrea edit the content of my current company’s website. Andrea is very skilled at understanding the audience and catering the text to the interest, attention span, and comprehension level of the readers. She is attentive to detail and conscientious. She works very hard and delivers a great product. She’s also a joy to work with because she is unassuming, respectful and  professional. She has a great sense of humor as well.

Sharon Fox, Executive Director, Children’s Health Alliance

In Andrea’s blog about her mother, Alice, we receive touching sketches of small moments, creating a portrait of an elderly woman who cannot be marginalized by age. The narrative voice is nonjudgemental. She does not patronize Alice but presents a new way of seeing the old. There is such deep tenderness in her writing–humanity without sentimentality. It’s a rare thing and it fills me with a sense of reassurance.

As the co-writer and narration editor for my documentary film, The Peasant and the Priest, she was both patient and efficient. She brought these qualities to her editing of a great deal of correspondence pertaining to this work, as well as numerous grant proposals and translation revisions.

Andrea is a versatile, competent writer and editor who knows how to collaborate.

Esther Podemski, Director:

The Peasant and the Priest
House of the World

I’ve referred many writers to Andrea Carlisle for editing services. They have all reported back complete satisfaction as well as delight at working with her. She is a skilled and compassionate editor with an offbeat sense of humor as an added plus.

Ruth Gundle, Publisher and Editor, Eighth Mountain Press

Andrea Carlisle is the kind of editor you long for: one who tells the truth, but tells it kind. She stands on the side of story, first and always, and brings not just the tools of her trade (you’d expect that), but a wise and wry understanding that grows from her own writing, reading, and commitments. She’ll search high and low in that pile of papers you deliver into her hands for the voice that can sing the story alive and make it mean something. Andrea believes in the power of story to deliver us beyond ourselves. Hallelujah. She likes to laugh. Loves small animals. Has figured out what’s important in her life. Story. Story. Story. What is the story you meant to tell? Andrea will ask, and ask again, until you tell it.

Kathryn Hunt, Writer, Filmmaker

E-mail contact information: andrea AT andreacarlisle DOT com

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